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Welcome to first tumblr for the amazing, gorgeous, and talented actress SUMMER GLAU

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"Yeah well, I’m not sure it’s part of mine either."


Images of Summer at her panel at Wizard World Austin courtesy of @captainamerikara, @majellah. @kidstylez


Short video of Summer’s panel courtesy of @tonytamayo512


Kevin Burkhoff, ‘The 4400’.

Are you worried about being typecasted? (x)


Summer signing autographs at Edmonton Expo.


Summer at the Whedonverse panel at Edmonton Expo. Image courtesy of Cory Lievers


Pictures of Summer Glau, Amy Acker, and J. August Richards from the 2014 Edmonton Expo,  courtesy of Edmonton Expo.

Watch more photos from Edmonton Expo at Summer Glau Wiki


2014 Edmonton Expo. Whedonverse Panel. Sept. 27, 2014. (thanks to oilcountryDon for the upload)


Shot these pics of #SummerGlau yesterday during her q&a . She was truly awesome. (Also? She can kill you with her brain.) #RiverTam #Firefly #Serenity #Arrow #Dollhouse #TheSarahConnorChronicles #wizardworld

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