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Summer wins Best Actress award for ‘Inside the Box’


Great news for “Inside the Box”! David Martin-Porras short drama wins second prize - and Best Short - while Summer Glau has won the Best Actress award at the 26th Film Festival L’Alfas del Pi, Alicante, Spain.
The jury considered Summer’s performance was the most prominent among the 25 short films that have entered the competition at this year’s festival.


And as good news never come single handed, Inside the Box won the Youth Jury Award, CEXECI, in the Iberian Film Festival Badajoz. Congratulations to the whole team!

Don’t forget that Inside the Box will have its first official Los Angeles premiere at the 18th LA Shorts Fest. The short will screen next July 30th at 7:45 at the Laemmle NoHo 7.

Source: Summer Glau Wiki


female character challenge
twenty: a female antagonist

"you killed me. let me return the favor."


Images of Summer from her new show Sequestered.

I was raised in Moscow until I was nine, and then adopted by a family that took me to America. Took me years to get rid of my accent… it isn’t easy making friends in grade school when you sound like Natasha.

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"I don’t belong… dangerous like you. Can’t be controlled… can’t be trusted. Everyone could just go on without me and not have to worry."


Images of Summer at her panel at the Fantasy Con in Salt Lake City. Images courtesy of Brian Wesley

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